June 2002

Menno Rubingh's INTP page

How to get in touch with other people of the Myers-Briggs INTP type:

The main internet "hub" for INTPs is It's a very loose, unorganized, constellation of well-meaning INTPs; and has as its purpose, loosely stated, to help INTPs become aware of themselves and to be of help to INTPs towards making their lives more effective and enjoyable (see the begin of the FAQ:

To get in touch with ``'' -- check out

I think it's very good to join the open discussion mailing list(s):

My own texts/ideas aimed at contributing to improving the lives of INTPs and the interaction between INTPs and non-INTPs:

An approach for how to interact with the world
A small essay with an outline of my own ideas about what might be one viable and effective way for an INTP to interact with other people. Comments are very welcome !

The INTP view on science, engineering, design, and programming
``Weakness and strength'' -- About INTPs, engineers, programmers, scientists, and Dilbert (Message posted on the [email protected] mailing list, Oct 30, 2000).

Black-box input-output data-flow view on MBTI types
xNxx people are physical-to-idea translators (they take the given physical situation as input, and produce designs, rules, models and paterns);
xSxx people are idea-to-physical translators (they take the given designs, rules, models and patterns as input, and produce physical situations).

Other, miscellaneous, INTP stuff:
Description of a fictional INTP type
Some passages from one of the Star Wars science-fiction novels, containing a nice example of a character of INTP type.

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