Jul 2016

'' R U B I N G H   S C I E N C E ''

The private website of Menno Rubingh


o   practical philosophy
>   What is philosophy, and what is its practical usefulness
>   Renaissance and Enlightenment
>   Manliness, Gentlemanliness, Stoicism, Virtue, Anti-Feminism
>   Memetics
>   Zen, nihilism, and the mixing of East-Asian and Western culture
>   Software, technology and documentation design precepts
>   Mental survival tricks
>   Physical survival tricks

o   evolution & artificial intelligence
>   Learning and adaptation by means of evolution of brain structures
>   Artificial brains that can do memetics
>   Programs for experimenting with evolution
>   The AI Research Club
>   Sociality and colony organisms
>   Cellular automata
>   Philosophical considerations

o   general research
>   Languages
>   Various programs to experiment with planetary orbits, solid geometry, ray tracing, graph manipulation, etc.
>   Various software tools
>   Music

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When you're looking for a scientific programmer with a solid engineering and mathematical background, a scientific and analytical turn of mind, experience in modelling, interested in AI, quick-learning, independently-thinking, internationally-minded, and who likes writing documentation intended to convey insight into the underlying basic operation of a system, then contact me !

Detailed site map:
[Note: The site is permanently under construction]

o   practical philosophy

o   evolution & artificial intelligence

o   general research