Dec. 1999

Table of contents of source code and documentation in the directory

All source code is C, and also (hopefully) ANSI-C, except where noted explicitly.  So far, everything has been tested out only on LINUX with the `gcc' compiler.  Comments at the start of the source files explain how to compile the sources. 


All source code in this directory is 'free' software in the sense of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).  This means that you are free to copy and modify this software provided that you do not restrict others from doing the same.  The GNU GPL is included in this directory as the file named 'COPYING'. 

Note that by being published on this web site the source code in this directory is already in the public domain.  I have stored officially date-stamped print-outs of everything on this web site in various secure places.  Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to patent any aspects of the source code published here. 

Copyright of everything (text and source code) on this web site remains with the authors who created these things.