Jan 2001

Names of the Chinese characters 3021 to 5779
in the GB2312 Chinese font,
in Pinyin spelling

The characters 3021 to 5779 make up the section of the font that contains Chinese characters (hanzi) ordered alphabetically on the basis of the Pinyin spelling of their pronunciation in Mandarin (PRC) Chinese.   I have the impression that this section of the font is the vastly most heavily used part of the font.

I've taken the Pinyin pronunciations from this dictionary:

危 东亚 [Wei Dongya] (editor in chief),
A Chinese-English Dictionary (Revised Edition) / 汉 英 词典 ( 修订 版 缩印 本 ) [Han Ying cidian (xiuding ban suoyin ben)],
compiled by the Beijing Foreign Language University's English-language-family Dictionary Group;
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press / 外语 教学 与 研究 出版社 [waiyu jiaoxue yu yanjiu chubanshe],
Beijing, 1997,
ISBN 7-5600-1325-2.

About 5 characters, which I've been unable to find in the dictionary, are still missing from the file below.   Also, quite probably there are still some errors and other omissions in the file: I've not yet done extensive error checking, and I've myself been using the file only since recently.   Please report any errors you discover to me (Menno Rubingh) -- click here for contact info.

About 10 characters were only listed in my dictionary in a pronunciation that slightly breaks the strict alphabetical ordering of the Chinese characters in the font.  

Here is the text file containing the data:

Format of this text file: each line is as follows. The line contains, in order, the following elements/fields:

[ Note that the four characters - / V \ used as above for the tones make that alphabetizing on ASCII character values puts the Pinyin pronunciations including the tones in the normally used dictionary order (except that characters without tone sign, i.e. with the ``light'' tone, are put before characters with the same Pinyin spelling that have tones, instead of after them as is usual). ]

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