Jan 2001

Source files for the xpar2 and xhexpar2 programs

For X-Windows on Unix/Linux.

Screen shot of the xhexpar2 program (run with ''xhexpar2 -H.95 -P.95''):

Source files

(0) Source files common to both programs

rand.c -- Random number generation
xgrp.c -- Auxiliary functions for screen graphics
bool.h -- Boolean data type

(1a) Source files specific to xpar2


(1b) Shell script to compile xpar2 on Linux with the gcc compiler


(2a) Source files specific to xhexpar2


(2b) Shell script to compile xhexpar2 on Linux with the gcc compiler


Mini user manual

Using the program: invoking with ''xpar -?'' or ''xhexpar -?'' prints a summary of the available parameters/options.

User keyboard commands in the program itself:

q = Quit
enter = update by one time-step
a = start updating Automatically. In the ''Auto'' mode, only the commands w and q are active.
w (''Wait'') = exit ''Auto'' mode
h,j,k,l = move cursor left,down,up,right
1 = insert host
2 = insert parasite
0 = make cell empty
c = Clear all squares
g = print current Generation number on stdout

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